Scouser (skaus-sir)
Brit. Inf. ~n. a person who comes from Liverpool.

Scouse (skaus)
n. 1. the dialect spoken by such a person. 2. Livepudlian dialect. a stew made from leftover meat. [Shortened < LOBSCOUSE]

n. 1. a native or inhabitant of Liverpool, in NW England. ~adj. 2. of or relating to Liverpool. [Liverpool, with humorous alteration of pool to puddle]

Liverpool is quite a famous city as far as cities go. Liverpool is the admin centre for the county of Merseyside. It also has a renowned University that many famous people have attended over the course of time. Craig Charles from the infamous Red Dwarf was born and bred in Liverpool, along with the adoreable Cilla Black and of course the Fab Four, who are now only three because someone took a disliking to our friend John Lennon.

Liverpool is also known for its football teams- Liverpool FC and Everton FC and its amazing nightlife. Let's not forget about the Wirral Peninsular or Manchester which are just a stones throw away and are directly connected to Liverpool by the Mersey Ferries.

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